Man Returns Printer After Noticing HP Hasn’t Put Out a COVID Ad Yet

man with printer

Local man James Coughlin returned the new laser printer he bought in early May after noticing that information technology company HP hadn’t put out a COVID-19 advertisement yet.

“I figured HP was still putting the finishing touches on their COVID-19 ad, but by the time my printer arrived in mid-May, still nothing,” Coughlin said. “I didn’t have a choice, I had to return it.”

He used the refunded cash to buy an inferior printer from another manufacturer that had sent him three COVID-19 emails per week since March. Their persistence paid off.

“I wasn’t looking for creativity. HP could’ve just copied every other corporation’s ad: empty street, kid looking out a window, and ‘in these unprecedented times…’ would have done the trick,” he said. “But no ad at all? Zero corporate responsibility. Their failure to spend $10M on a nationwide ad campaign has deteriorated my trust in their product.”

“Even put out an ad, and I only use their product to research flights before purchasing direct with the airline,” Coughlin added. “I’ll continue to misuse their services once I’m able to fly again, even if I have to use a mobile ticket because my new printer sucks.”