Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants Bernie Sanders One Day In Oval Office

bernie sanders in oval office

Just days after he dropped out of the Democratic primary, the Make-A-Wish foundation said it is granting Bernie Sanders’ wish to spend one day in the Oval Office.

“Here at Make-A-Wish, we know that granting even the simplest of wishes to those in need can boost their spirits and change their life for the better,” said CEO David Williams. “When we heard the wish this poor little presidential hopeful made to spend a day in the Oval Office, we just knew we had to grant it.”

Sources say Sanders was able to spend the day touring the White House and talking to staffers about about fiscal policy. He even got to sit behind the Resolute desk and pretend to make an important phone call to a foreign leader.

“The way his face lit up when we pretended to let him convene a meeting of the Cabinet in the West Wing. Priceless,” said Williams. “I wish we could grant him wishes like this every day.”

At press time, the Make-A-Wish foundation had denied Joe Biden’s wish to let him sniff every American’s neck.