Silver Lining? Man Who Started Coronavirus by Eating a Bat Just Transformed into Batman


We all know that global pandemics are bad. But sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we fail to see the good that can come out of them.

And now it looks like there’s something positive that will come out of the COVID-19 crisis after all: a man who reportedly sparked the virus’s spread to humans by eating a bat has just transformed into masked superhero Batman.


Sure, a lot of people have been infected, and Batman isn’t that cool. But hey, how often does eating a diseased mammal turn somebody into a real life superhero?

“COVID-19 killed both of my grandparents, so I was pretty down for a while. But when I found out that the guy who’s responsible for transferring it to humans is Batman, my mindset totally changed,” said Sally Nelson. “Sure, Batman also accidentally killed my parents the other day while chasing villains through the streets of my city, but it’s still pretty cool I guess.”

There is no indication yet whether contracting COVID-19 can help other people turn into Batman. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they’re not ruling it out.

“We all know spider bites can turn you into Spiderman in rare cases,” said CDC spokesman Greg Jaffrey. “So why not?”

So have faith, fellow citizens. For while the coronavirus may still be going strong, so is the Dark Knight.