The Winner of Our ‘Sexiest Gopher’ Contest Is Actually a Muskrat but Hot Damn Is He Fine

sexiest gopher

Another year, and another judging of our “Sexiest Gopher” contest is in the books.

We got thousands of hot submissions from a lot of wonderful gophers from all over the Northern Hemisphere, so picking a winner was especially tough. But it turns out in the end this year’s sexiest gopher is actually a muskrat from North Carolina!

Sure, he might not meet the scientific classification standards of being a gopher. But when you see this fine fella you’ll know why we picked him.

While this muskrat doesn’t hang with the typical crowds of past gopher winners, his résumé and stunning good looks speak for themselves.

“Wow, it is such an honor to be crowned this year’s Sexiest Gopher,” he said in an interview. “When I submitted my package I knew it would be a long shot, considering I’m not a gopher. But I knew I had what it takes. So I stayed positive, kept my faith, and prayed to the rodent god Ninkilim every day that I would win.”

So congratulations to this hunk of a muskrat who is officially the Sexiest Gopher on the Planet!