Was Pete Buttigieg’s Scantily-Clad, Tongue Waving Performance Too Sexy for the Iowa Caucuses?

pete buttigieg

Critics have expressed outrage after presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg gave a scantily-clad, tongue waving performance before the Iowa Caucuses earlier this week. Mayor Pete’s display is being labeled as both “inappropriate” and “too seductive for this phase in the race,” but was it really too sexy for a Democratic primary?

While Buttigieg’s performance was lauded by many, some say his hip-shaking Latin dance routine was not family-friendly enough for a Midwestern political contest.

“When I tune in to watch the Iowa Caucuses, I expect to see a clean-cut, professional candidate like Joe Biden perform soft rock classics,” said voter Tina Gables. “Frankly, Mayor Pete’s performance was objectifying to all presidential candidates under the age of 40.”

The other candidates complained that Buttigieg’s pole dancing routine gave him an unfair advantage, as none of them has the flexibility or upper body strength to perform a half flag invert to brass monkey maneuver.

“This performance makes me embarrassed to be a presidential candidate,” said Elizabeth Warren. “This has to be the lowest moment in US electoral history since Ross Perot performed the ‘Macarena’ in 1996.”

At press time, Bernie Sanders had gained ground on Buttigieg after learning how to twerk.