Study Shows Over 17 Million Super Bowl Champions Call Out of Work the Next Day

Mahomes super bowl champion
Twitter, Patrick Mahomes

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that over 17 million Super Bowl champions expected to call out of work on the Monday after the big game.

The survey data gathered by Pew showed that 7 million MVP quarterbacks and other reigning Super Bowl champions would use sick days to miss work, while another 9 million would use vacation days and 1 million just wouldn’t show up at all.

“This is a major problem, and it doesn’t extend to just players, but to coaches, assistants, and front office staff as well,” said researcher Dr. Greg Markowski. “The loss of productivity in the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room on the day after the Super Bowl is going to be astounding.”

A number of Super Bowl hopefuls have considered banning their employees from playing in the championship game in order to avoid productivity loss on Monday.

“I was really worried what would have happened if we had won the NFC Championship,” said Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur. “Yeah, I want my employees to have fun and enjoy the Super Bowl responsibly, but they also need to understand they have to be back at work bright and early on Monday. We have a football team to run, after all.”

At press time, Chiefs’ Head Coach Andy Reid was seen driving to Patrick Mahomes’s house to check if he was actually sick.