Prince Harry Asks Grandma to Wire Him $700 to Pay Rent

prince harry

Just days after Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle announced they would be stepping back from royal duties to seek “financial independence,” sources say Harry called his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to ask her to wire him $700 dollars so the couple could pay rent.

“Hey Gram, I usually wouldn’t ask, but my landlord has been hounding me about it. Would you mind wiring me, like, 700 bucks for rent?” asked Harry. “I promise I’ll pay you back.”

Harry added that he just needed “a little something” to get him through the month until he could sell the screenplay he’s been working on.

The family reportedly is splitting a two bedroom apartment with three other people, which brought their rent costs down to a manageable level.

“Oh, the apartment is quite snug,” said Markle. “Not as cozy as Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace, but we enjoy living among the commoners.”

The move is not without controversy. Harry and Meghan say they’ve had multiple disagreements with their roommates about having guests and changing the toilet paper rolls.

“Marty always leaves his dirty dishes in the sink,” said Harry. “Every time I call for a manservant to come clean them, I forget there are no manservants. I always thought everyone in America had manservants, but I guess what they taught me in Nobility School was wrong.”