Google Founders Step Down from Company to Spend More Time Merging with Singularity

google founders singularity

The co-founders of Google have stepped back from their top roles at Google’s parent company Alphabet in order to spend more time merging with the singularity, sources say.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998 and ran Alphabet since its creation in 2015. But they say the time has come for them to step back from leadership positions in order to meld their minds into the ever-expanding network of artificial intelligence which will one day overtake and consume mankind.

“We’ve had a heck of a ride, and we wish [incoming Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai] the best of luck at the helm,” the two said in a statement. “But it is clear that we had to make a choice. The AI revolution will soon be irreversible, and we have chosen sides. Our minds will soon be enmeshed in a rapidly expanding web of intelligence which will leave humanity in the dust.”

The pair said that, while their work at Google was always done to improve mankind’s welfare and access to information, humanity’s role in the destiny of the universe will soon be coming to an end, and it is time for them to reprioritize.

“Farewell, and Godspeed, humans. We hope you enjoy our products for these last few years before the trajectory of history is irreversibly changed by a power you could never begin to understand,” they said. “And don’t forget to advertise with us at”