Growing a Mustache Can Trick Facial Recognition Technology into Thinking You’re a Total Studmuffin

Mustache man

A new study has shown that growing a mustache can help men trick facial recognition technology into thinking they’re a sexy, sexy studmuffin.

“Whether dealing with sophisticated law enforcement facial recognition technology or the software in your smartphone, simply growing a mustache will trick it into thinking you’re a total hunk,” said Dr. Mel Griffin. “But be careful. Once it catches a glimpse of your strong aura and rugged upper lip, it will never stop watching you.”

The study offers promise to millions of Americans who worry that facial recognition could infringe on citizens’ privacy by predetermining who’s hot and who’s not.

Researchers showed that even men with a weak, delicate jawline can look tough and manly with a mustache and a little bit of stubble. However, the study could not confirm the affects on facial recognition technology of females with mustaches.

“Honestly,” added Griffin, “I think it will just try to avoid looking at them whatsoever.”