How to Enjoy the Cybertruck if You’re Not Shaped Like a Porygon

cybertruck porygon
Photo: Tesla/Pokemon

Tesla’s new Cybertruck is here at last! Its unique polygonal shape has many fans wondering whether their human-shaped bodies will be able to fit comfortably inside. Well worry not! There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the Cybertruck even if you’re not shaped like Pokémon #137, Porygon.

1. Turn yourself into programming code. According to Pokédex data, Porygon is made completely of programming code. This unique creature is capable of moving freely in cyberspace. Well, there’s no more appropriate place to ride the Cybertruck than in cyberspace. Consider giving up your fleshy form and riding Elon Musk’s latest invention in the simulation.

2. Be a Ditto. It is well known that the copycat Pokémon Ditto can transform itself into just about any Pokémon out there. If you happen to be a Ditto, then you’re in luck! Just use Transform and become a Porygon, then you can enjoy the angular interior of your Cybertruck both day and night!

3. Just suck it up and be uncomfortable. So the sleek angles and corners of the Cybertruck don’t fit your soft, round body spilling with subcutaneous fat? Too bad! If you want to save the environment and look pretentious in your new Tesla, then you need to suck it up and just get in!