South Dakota Releases New Anti-Prostitution Ad Campaign: ‘Hookers. We’re In Them.’

south dakota ad

PIERRE, S.D. — Following on the heels of their successful anti-methamphetamine campaign — “Meth. We’re on it.” — the state of South Dakota has released a new anti-prostitution campaign with the slogan “Hookers. We’re in them.”

“We wanted to capture the feeling that, when it comes to battling illegal prostitution, we’re all in,” said the governor. “I think this gets that point across clear as day.”

The campaign slogan has led to heavy criticism on social media, as most were unaware there were any people in South Dakota, let alone prostitutes.

“Prostitutes? What prostitutes? There aren’t even any people in that state,” said one Twitter user. “I guess there’s cows there. Are the prostitutes cows?”

The South Dakota government has fought back, saying that the campaign has, in fact, raised awareness of the issue to unprecedented levels.

“When our state decides to tackle an issue like prostitution, we go in deep,” added the governor. “And trust me, we won’t be pulling out of this ad campaign until we’re finished.”