Man Stabbed to Death by Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

popeyes chicken sandwich knife

A suspect is on the loose after a Maryland man was fatally stabbed by a Popeyes chicken sandwich on Wednesday.

The victim and the sandwich reportedly got into an altercation over whether the sandwich should be covered in Cajun sauce. Bystanders say the victim insisted it be covered in extra sauce, at which point the chicken sandwich drew a large blade and stabbed him multiple times.

“I saw the sandwich heating up as soon as the guy asked for no pickle,” said one witness. “He should’ve seen this coming. The pickle is the best part!”

Since the Popeyes chicken sandwich’s debut earlier this year, incidents of sandwich-on-human violence have been on the rise.

“The Popeyes chicken sandwich has gotten out of hand and needs to be removed from the menu immediately,” said a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. “It gives a bad name to honest, law-abiding chicken sandwiches everywhere.”

At press time, the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich had come under fire for making statements in opposition to gay marriage.