400 Referees Arrested in Search for Whistleblower

Referee whistle

WASHINGTON — Over 400 sports referees were arrested on Friday as the Trump administration continued its search for the Ukraine whistleblower.

Trump has been seeking to identify the individual – whose actions triggered an impeachment inquiry – for over a month, claiming the bold, resonant sound of his whistle is likely that of a football referee.

“Who does this guy think he is, blowing his whistle to the fake news media?” said Trump. “This guy couldn’t tell pass interference from abuse of official governmental powers if it hit him on the head.”

A transcript released by the whistleblower involves a phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President regarding current U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden. While there is currently no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden, he has been frequently penalized for offensive holding and illegal hands to the face in the past.

A lawyer for the Referees and Umpires Association of America is calling on Trump to release all referees currently in custody.

“These referees were taken without cause and without even looking at their actions on slow motion replay,” said the lawyer. “If they are not released by the end of the 24-hour play clock I just set, Trump will face multiple counts of unsportsmanlike conduct.”