Are You an Expert on Brexit or Do You Just Happen to Know 2 British People?

brexit expert

If you’re an American, Brexit can be a complex and tricky issue to understand. Ever since the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, matters have only gotten more confusing. That’s why, the next time you find yourself arguing passionately with your foreign friends about whether Britain should leave or remain, it’s important to ask yourself: Am I an expert on Brexit, or do I just happen to know two British people?

Take this quiz to find out!

Can you locate Europe on a map?

A. Yes, I have a rudimentary knowledge of world geography.

B. Yes. It’s the one near Florida, right? Because I’ve been to Florida before.

Are you aware of the existence of the British Parliament?

A. Yes, I am at least modestly aware that the UK possesses a form of government.

B. Yes. I like to use the acronym “MPs” because my British friend Stacy said it once. I assume it’s referring to a type of tea that their president drinks. British people like tea, right?

Are you well-versed on issues such as trade and immigration in the EU?

A. Yes, I have worked for years in a professional capacity with many European governments.

B. Yes, my friend Oliver from Birmingham once went on a drunken rant about the issue and I totally agree with him.

Does Brexit also involve Scotland?

A. Yes, Scotland is currently part of the UK, although some have called for Scottish independence from the UK. It remains to be seen what will happen.

B. You mean Krista’s boyfriend, Scott? Scott isn’t British but he went to London once and said it was amazing. Scott is so cool.

When is Brexit scheduled to occur?

A. It is currently scheduled to occur on 31 January 2020.

B. What?! That’s Scott’s birthday! Can they do it on a different day?


Mostly As: Well done! It looks like you’re an expert on Brexit after all.

Mostly Bs: Sorry. While you clearly know at least two British people, it looks like you’re not an expert. But that’s okay! Nobody else knows anything about it either!