Flavored E-cigarette Ban Puts Thousands of Mangoes Out of Work

mango e-cig

Anticipated bans on flavored e-cigarettes have already put thousands of mangoes out of work, sources say.

News broke recently that FDA was moving to ban all flavored e-cigarettes, leading major companies like JUUL to ban their own flavored products. Mango was among the most popular e-cigarette flavors among both teens and adults, but now that it’s off the shelves many mangoes are struggling to find employment in other sectors.

“I’ve tried smoothie shops, juice bars, everything you can think of, but the work is just not there for a mango with my skill set,” said one mango. “The FDA’s regulations are just hanging us out to dry here.”

The sweet and juicy tropical fruit species had seen record employment numbers since the rise of flavored e-cigarettes, but their sweetness and gross texture have not translated well into other products.

Mangoes have faired particularly poorly compared to other flavors. The powerful grape and strawberry milk lobbies have prevented jobs for those flavors from disappearing completely. Mangoes, however, don’t have the political influence of those more established flavors.

“We’ve seen this happen before with other professional fruit communities. Ever since lemon-lime split into two separate factions in the early 2000s, its presence has been on the decline,” said fruit expert Steve Schumacher. “Unfortunately, that’s business.”