Poseur Celebrating Día de Muertos Not Even Dead

Dìa de Muertos

Local poseur Marisol Gonzalez is facing criticism today after she was seen celebrating Día de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, despite the fact that she is not even dead.

A number of prominent deceased people have taken to social media to call her out.

“This was supposed to be our day,” said Percival Higginsbottom, who died in 1603. “The living have more holidays than I can count. Why do they need to ruin this one for us?”

While the dead admit that they are not technically prohibited from celebrating other holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, they say they would rather not spend money on presents for a bunch of entitled living people.

“You don’t see me crashing your New Year’s Eve party for living people and sticking my bones in your hors d’oeuvres,” said Higginsbottom. “So show some respect and get your own holiday.”