We Programmed Empathy Into This Doomsday Machine and Now It Feels Really Bad About Killing Us All

post-apocalyptic robot

Technology has come so far in recent years. Just a decade ago, Artificial Intelligence was still a budding field. Now, scientists can program complex human emotions into machines.

That’s why when our team of engineers programmed empathy into a doomsday machine we developed, the results surprised us. Our machine still killed everyone on planet Earth, it just felt really bad about doing it.

People talk about empathy and emotional intelligence as being the most important skills, the ones that make us human. But unfortunately empathy was not enough to overcome programming that told our robot to extinguish the human race. Next time we should probably program our robot not to bring about the apocalypse before we give it human emotions. Lesson learned.

We empathize with our doomsday machine. It must have been very difficult to listen to the cries of billions of families as it mercilessly wiped them off the map. But sadness is part of being human. If we truly want to bring on the AI revolution, our doomsday machines need to feel sadness, and pain, and regret.

It didn’t kill every species, which shows some promise that maybe it had enough feelings to realize what it was doing and stop. In a couple hundred million years those species will evolve into humans again. Then we can take another shot at developing the perfect AI. One with empathy. One that’s just like us.