Multitasker Able to Nap at Desk and Pretend to Work at Same Time

man asleep at desk
Flickr: Adam Lynch

Ever heard the rumors that “multitasking” kills productivity? That taking on multiple tasks at once can lead to a lack of focus at work? Well one legendary multitasker has put those theories to rest. Accountant Gary Policki is able to nap at his desk and pretend to work at the same time.

Each day, Policki challenges productivity theories about the dangers of multitasking. Some days he is able to eat lunch for hours on end while watching YouTube videos. On other days he has completed entire job interviews with different companies while he was dialed in remotely to a meeting.

And Policki’s focus on his tasks? Coworkers say it’s laser-like.

“When Gary goes down for a nap, he goes all in,” said colleague Heather Adams. “But he can just as easily spring awake and pretend to type whenever management walks by, then transition back to a deep sleep once they’re a safe distance away. That’s multitasking at its best.”

On top of napping, eating, and pretending to type, Policki added email auto replies to his list of consecutive tasks.

“My auto replies are perfectly timed to respond one hour after receiving an email,” said Policki. “I’ve programmed them to randomize a number of vague and open-ended phrases like ‘We’ll follow up on that at the staff meeting’ and ‘We should socialize this at the next update.’ Nobody suspects a thing.”

Policki has applied his multitasking skills in other innovative ways, often using them for tasks completely unrelated to work.

“Gary has a recurring meeting every Friday from two to five p.m. in the next town over,” said his manager. “I asked him to send me a report of what was discussed at each meeting, but honestly by the time I see him again it’s Monday morning and I really don’t care. He always does great work. I trust him.”

So if you think multitasking isn’t for you, take some advice from Gary Policki and try it in your workplace today!