Last Mom on Earth Comments on Facebook Post from Before the Apocalypse

mom with computer smiling

The last surviving mom on planet Earth commented on an image of her son and his girlfriend this morning that was posted to Facebook before the Apocalypse, sources say.

“You guys look great!” Kathy Cohen wrote in the comments, apparently unaware that they and everyone else she ever loved was vaporized in a nuclear holocaust years ago. “Tell everyone I said hi!”

Despite the fact that she had been alone in a desolate wasteland for nearly a decade, sources say Cohen was still posting pictures of the weather with captions such as “Gorgeous out by the pool right now!” and “Wish you guys were here!”

“Us at the beach in Florida ha ha. Love you, Mom,” she wrote after tagging her kids – all of whom were turned to dust by the radioactive fires following Earth’s final battle – in a meme about drinking red wine.

Experts could only speculate as to how Cohen has survived so long on an uninhabitable and radioactive planet. Some think it may be related to a number of personality quizzes and health articles from questionable websites that she had posted over the years.

“During her lifetime, most people would have questioned the obscure diet articles she shared from, but apparently they have helped her survive in this post-apocalyptic wasteland,” said one expert. “The bigger mystery is how, in a world where there is literally only one living being left, her Facebook account has been hacked twice.”

At press time, Cohen was posting a series of inspirational quotes set on images of nature scenes to her wall.