Guitarist Thinking About Making Jump to Doing Drugs Full Time

guitarist busker

SEATTLE, Wash. – Acoustic guitarist Reggie Brooks is considering becoming a full time drug addict, sources report.

“I’m outside of the Chipotle on the Ave 2-3 days a week. If I want to make this happen I gotta be out there 5-6 days high out of my mind,” said Brooks. “I might even play some music.”

“Spare change?” he asked as a pedestrian walked by. “Cheapass.”

While Brooks lives in a van and hasn’t showered in days, he thinks the transition will be right for him in the long term.

“If you want to make music, you have to devote your life to it,” Brooks said. “That’s what Wicked Spergy the sax man told me.”

At press time, Wicked Spergy was a block away playing the hook of “Careless Whisper” on endless repeat, and Brooks was considering learning how to play a second song.