‘Storm Area 51’ Inconveniently Scheduled on Same Day as Annual Air Force vs. Aliens Softball Tournament

Softball batter

NEVADA – Both teams expressed dismay on Friday after learning that the “Storm Area 51” event was scheduled on the same day as the annual Air Force vs. Aliens Softball Tournament.

“Seriously, I work hard all year reverse engineering complex alien technology, then they decide to storm the base on my one day off,” said center fielder and aeronautical engineer Dr. Mike Adams. “Couldn’t they have scheduled it on a weekend?”

The alien team was also upset, as their cleanup batter and star first baseman Kleoportax Yv needs to return to the Fornax Cluster next week to close an inter-dimensional portal and will miss the makeup game.

“This is the one day a year I get to take a break from revealing the secrets of the universe to your species to kick back and drink some beers,” said Yv, “and you all just ruined it.”

At press time, both teams admitted the delay would be worth it if they got a chance to test out their new particle beam which could evaporate a human body in a millisecond.