Couple Trying to Work Sex Into Schedule for Second Thursday in November

Couple Starves to death trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight

Combing through their calendars on Tuesday, local couple Joe and Tammy Carlisle decided they might be able to work sex into their schedule on the second Thursday in November.

“I’m booked through the rest of September, and October is going to be tight. But if we make it quick, I think we can work it in on November 14th,” said Mrs. Carlisle. “Of course, we’ll have to find someone to watch the kids that day.”

While the couple’s relationship was once filled with regular bouts of lovemaking, the daily onslaught of work, family, and responsibilities has reduced their sexual frequency considerably in recent years.

“Sometimes I feel like we just had sex, but then I remember that was actually 3 months ago and we never even finished because the baby started crying,” said Mr. Carlisle. “I guess we’ve just been busy.”

At press time, the couple had pushed sex back another two weeks in order to make room for five free minutes of uninterrupted quiet.