Starting Blog Deemed Sufficient to Cross “Get a Job” Off To-do List

to do list with get a job crossed off

Stumbling out of bed at 11 a.m. this morning, local man Chet Holden decided the fact that he had started a blog this week was good enough to cross “get a job” off his to-do list.

“Really, this is better than a regular job. While I don’t have a steady cash flow coming in every two weeks, the potential upside is unlimited,” he said. “And, yeah, technically I haven’t actually created the website yet, but I’m totally gonna do it this weekend.”

Holden anticipates that this recent change to his list of priorities will give him more time to address other items on the list like “pay rent” and “get health insurance.” Some of his friends, however, have a more sober view.

“I’m at Chet’s house like every day, and ‘pay rent’ has been up there for months,” said neighbor Keith Conrad. “I think it’s important for him to start small with tasks like ‘brush teeth’ and ‘eat,’ then work his way up to the bigger ones.”

Holden admits that life as a full time blogger won’t be easy, but he’s willing to grind it out in order to pursue his dreams of financial independence.

“The first couple months will be tough, building up a following and producing original content and all,” he said. “But by month three or four I’ll probably have at least a couple million monthly views. Within a year I’ll be making six figures purely off ads and merch.”