Crisis Averted: Global Sea Levels Just Rose 30 Feet and Put Out the Amazon Wildfires

Flaming city being flooded

Who said global warming was a bad thing?

Wildfires have raged throughout the Amazon rainforest for days, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. But just when we thought all hope was lost, it was the world’s melting icecaps that came to the rescue.

Almost overnight, global sea levels rose by 30 feet, flooding the entire continent of South America and extinguishing the Amazon fires.

Somebody give what’s left of Greenland a medal!

It looks like all the people complaining about greenhouse gases and global warming were wrong all along. Maybe if we had just let nature take its course in the first place Brazil could have been turned into a waterworld years ago, and we never would have had these terrible fires.

There’s no point dwelling on what could have been. But one thing is for sure: global warming deserves a round of applause for stopping this disaster.