Opinion: It’s Time for Both Sides to Come Together and Agree That I Am Right

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We live in an increasingly polarized world. Major issues like immigration, the economy, and gun control are driving Americans apart, and frankly, it’s a danger to our republic. What we need in times like these is not more division, but more unity.

I say it’s time for our politicians to put aside their partisan bickering.

It’s time to make decisions for the good of America rather than for narrow party interests.

It’s time for both sides to come together and agree once and for all that I am right.

Look around. Our infrastructure is crumbling, inequality is rampant, and people are dying in the streets. Yet not once has Congress put aside their differences to pass a bipartisan bill based specifically on my opinions.

And we call this a “democracy.”

Our political leaders have lost touch with the people. Even though my answer to all of our problems is right in front of them, they refuse to listen. I’ve read at least half a dozen articles about climate change, but not one piece of legislation I’ve recommended in Reddit comments under a burner account has made it to the Senate floor.

“…not once has Congress put aside their differences to pass a bipartisan bill based specifically on my opinions.”

This political ignorance needs to stop.

There was a time when our nation’s leaders were willing to put aside their sectarian biases to listen to the arbitrary whims of a disgruntled citizen. Clearly those times have passed. I, for one, don’t want to live in a country where my personal theories on foreign policy and capital gains tax aren’t blindly signed into law every time I write a Facebook post. That’s just not the America I grew up in.

There’s a lot of bad political advice out there coming from a lot of people who aren’t me. When will our lawmakers wake up and see the moral superiority of my arguments?

I haven’t given up hope just yet. But it wanes a little every time one of my angry, irrational rants goes unheeded. Every day that our government doesn’t pass a bipartisan resolution based solely on my beliefs, we slide further into oppression.