Student Has Invested Too Much Time in Studying Logical Fallacies to Give Up Now

confused female student studying

A sophomore at Colby College has really struggled to master logical fallacies, a requirement of her intended philosophy minor.

“I have too much skin in this game to quit now,” said Mary Rose Celeste. “Maybe a month ago I could have given up. But now? No way.”

Her boyfriend, Dave Hume, disagrees.

“She hasn’t even declared the minor,” said Hume. “But even if she had, if it’s too hard, she should just stop and pick another subject to study.”

Celeste is having none of it.

“He just thinks that because he’s a guy,” she said.

But Hume is not the only one. Her mother, Marianne Beauvoir Celeste, says she told her daughter that education is supposed to be challenging, but “part of the challenge is learning to recognize your limits.”

“Just because you think I should quit the first time something is hard, like you did with Dad, doesn’t mean I do!” said Mary Rose. “Where does it end, Mom?”

“If I quit on this, then I’ll fail the class. If I fail the class my GPA will be so low I’ll never get into graduate school. And if that happens, then I’ll be homeless and die on the streets.”

“Either I master this, or I may as well quit school.”