New FaceApp Feature Shows What You Would Look Like if Russia Stole Your Identity

same two pictures of woman side by side

The viral app FaceApp has been all over the internet this week. Celebrities from singer Carry Underwood to NBA star Lebron James have posted pictures of themselves looking decades older.

Now, just when you thought the app couldn’t get any better, developers have rolled out a feature that will show you what you would look like if Russia stole your identity.


Ever wonder what actor James Caan would look like after the Russian government gained access to his bank account? Or how Odell Beckham Jr. would look if Vladimir Putin knew his social security number and debit card PIN? Now you can!

“This is so fun!” said one user of the app. “I never thought I would look like that after giving a shady organization unfettered access my likeness and personal information.”

Even the cast of hit series Stranger Things took to Twitter to post a picture of themselves using the app.

“Fighting a Demogorgon after the Russkies use your likeness for social engineering be like,” the show’s account tweeted along with a picture. “#SquadGoals.”