U.S. Men’s Soccer Team Demands Equal Skills as Women’s Team

US Women’s soccer team
Twitter, USWNT

Following the U.S. women’s soccer team’s dominating World Cup victory on Sunday, the country’s men’s soccer team has demanded they be given equal skills as their female counterparts.

“This isn’t fair. We work just as hard as they do but are at most fifty percent as good at soccer,” said men’s captain Christian Pulisic. “For a country that prides itself on sports ability this skills gap is flat out embarrassing.”

Despite drawing in millions of viewers during the 2018 World Cup, the men’s team has lagged significantly behind in goals, wins, and general athletic talent. Some experts have proposed a collective bargaining agreement which would increase the men’s shots on goal and foot skills up to 30 percent, but no agreement has yet been reached.

“I’m glad our male players finally feel empowered enough to speak out and demand they be better at soccer,” said women’s midfielder Megan Rapinoe. “Sure, they don’t bring in as much money or have much of a fan base, but I think the little guys deserve it.”

In addition to on-field skills, the men’s team also lags behind in endorsement deals and international clout, a problem that players say can only be overcome by concerted efforts to make them at least mildly competent at winning games.

“Every time we step out on the field and come away with another crushing loss, it reminds me how much work still needs to be done,” said Pulisic. “It’s time for Americans to take this issue seriously.”