Elon Musk Accidentally Went to the Wrong Staff Meeting and Now the Martians Want Energy Efficient Luxury Sedans

elon musk tesla mars

We’ve heard of crazy situations in business before, but this one by the mastermind behind Tesla and SpaceX might take the cake: Elon Musk accidentally mixed up his schedule and went to the wrong staff meeting, and now the inhabitants of Mars are demanding energy efficient luxury sedans.

It is unclear how Musk, who has been so innovative in his entrepreneurship, could make such an obvious mistake. You’d think he would know by now that his staff meeting with the Martian Supreme Council is scheduled for Thursdays, and the Tesla strategy review is the first Monday of the month.

Senior employees inside Tesla are fuming. Mars wasn’t supposed to know about this technology for at least another five years. As soon as he let slip that he would make a stylish, fully electric car available for under $35,000, the Martians demanded that he make it available on Mars.

“I apologize to all of our Martian business partners, but the Tesla Model 3 is not yet available in extraterrestrial markets,” tweeted Musk. “We hope to expand into off-Earth markets by 2025, and to have a full complement of charging stations installed in the Martian capital of Xrœnblúxπ-3Z by then.”

Let’s be honest, there are worse things that Mars can have than hot new Teslas. But with the lack of charging stations and Martians’ relatively low average income, it doesn’t really make economic sense.

We hope Musk’s newest plan succeeds, but we’re not counting on it.