We Asked 8 Tubs of Hummus Where They Wanted to Be, and None of Them Said Your Face

hummus face

Wow! We talked to a lot of hummus, and one thing is for certain: none of it wants your face in it.

Roasted red pepper, creamy roasted garlic, and even harissa mango all gave us their feedback, and they said, “No! Not your face!”

Are you still thinking of planting your face in some cool, refreshing hummus? Dragging your nose through some chickpea glory? That’s a selfish thing to do. Smashing your face into hummus is a two-way street, and the hummus we talked to said “Not this time, buddy.”

We conducted a scientific survey with Sabra toasted pine nut hummus, and it said, “This act stands in affront to my dignity.”

“No, not again, please,” said fancy white bean edamame hummus.

And cilantro jalapeño said, “I’m so tired. I won’t fight it anymore. I can’t. I’m so tired.”

If hummus is so great, why doesn’t it want you to gently tilt your head to the side and put your ear in it? Did you have hummus wrong this whole time? It’s something to think about.