What Do You Do When Instagram Is Down? Seriously, We Don’t Know. Please Tell Us.

what to do when instagram goes down

We all love Instagram. Whether it’s stories from our favorite influencer or funny memes from our favorite memers, we spend the better part of our day on the app.

But what should you do when Instagram goes down like it did on Thursday?

Seriously, we have absolutely no idea what to do. Please tell us.

I guess we could go outside, but then how could we share that in our story? We’re afraid even to eat if there’s no way we can post a picture of our meal with a pithy caption and loads of emojis. Every time Instagram goes down we get stuck in our house, nearly starving to death, and we can’t even tell our followers!

Is it really even worth doing¬†anything¬†if we can’t tell our followers about it?

We’re kind of at a loss here until Instagram comes back up. So if you have any advice, please send us a message on Instagram and let us know how to get out of this mess.