Nation Briefly Aware That St. Louis Still a Place

Nation Briefly Aware That St. Louis Still a Place

Following the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup victory over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday, Americans were briefly made aware that St. Louis was still, in fact, a place.

Google search results Wednesday night and Thursday morning showed a dramatic spike in searches for “where is St. Louis?” and “is St. Louis a real place?”

“I think it’s pretty cool that this place has probably been there the whole time, yet nobody has ever visited or heard about it,” said Atlanta resident Jeremy Diaz. “It makes you wonder what other uninteresting Midwestern cities might be out there.”

A number of Americans claimed they did have previous knowledge of the city’s existence after recognizing it as the home of “that big metal half-McDonald’s symbol.” However, even they expressed little interest in actually going there.

“Now that we know St. Louis exists, that opens up the possibility that other mediocre places like Columbus, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana may also exist,” said geographer Karen Holly. “Although, we’ll need to do more research before we can confirm that.”

At press time, data showed that most Americans had already forgotten about St. Louis’s existence as they returned to their daily lives.

Falconetti contributed reporting.