‘Let It Burn,’ Cackles Sean Bean as He Replays Battle of King’s Landing for 15th Time

'Let It Burn,' Cackles Sean Bean as He Replays Battle of King's Landing for 15th Time

Sitting on his living room couch for hours on end today, a cackling Sean Bean muttered “let it burn” as he replayed the Battle of King’s landing scene from Game of Thrones for the 15th time in a row.

“Now you see what happens when you mess with a Stark,” said a hysterical Bean. “I wanted to bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms, but now you only get fire.”

Bean’s character, Ned Stark, was killed off in the first season of the series. Friends and family say Bean still has not lived the moment down, dedicating every waking moment of his life to the destruction of Cersei Lannister. He finally saw his plans come to fruition with the sack of King’s Landing in the show’s penultimate episode.

His mother recalled the difficulty he’s had watching Cersei rise to power over the past seven seasons.

“He would brood in the basement for hours on end, wargaming the eventual destruction of King’s Landing,” she said. “He does this every time gets killed off in a series or movie. It takes a toll on him, but eventually he’ll get over it.”