Take That, Pro-Vaxxers: Vaccines Did Nothing To Prevent This Ferocious Grizzly Bear From Mauling My Family

Take That, Pro-Vaxxers: Vaccines Did Nothing To Stop This Ferocious Grizzly Bear From Mauling My Family

by Skylar Bres

I’m sick of all these pro-vaxxers touting the benefits of vaccination as if it’s some kind of miracle cure. These idiots claim that vaccines can prevent anything from smallpox to measles.

Well, I have just one question: if vaccines are so great, how come they did nothing to stop this ferocious, charging grizzly bear — who happened to be named Measles — from mauling my entire family?

You heard me. I vaccinated my entire family, yet this ruthless beast still ripped them to shreds in under a minute.

Looks like vaccines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

It’s not that I didn’t give vaccines a shot, either. I tried injecting myself and my family with vaccines, injecting the bear with vaccines, even throwing the needle at the bear. Still, none of this stopped him from tearing us apart in a merciless bloodbath.

I can say that, after this experience in which my family was brutally sliced to pieces by this ravening predator named Measles, I will never trust vaccines or Big Pharma again. If vaccines can’t even stop one savage grizzly named Measles from ripping my crying daughter from my arms and slashing my wife’s abdomen open with his razor-sharp claws, how are they supposed to stop entire waves of grizzly bears hellbent on destruction?

I agree with pro-vaxxers on one thing: Measles is out for blood, and nothing can quench his thirst for human flesh. But vaccines are not the answer.