Spring Cleaning: Is It Finally Time to Get Rid of Your Freeloading Son?

Spring Cleaning: Is It Finally Time to Get Rid of Your Freeloading Son?

Every year, millions of Americans usher in Spring by cleaning out their basements, closets, and garages. Oftentimes it can be difficult to part with that old pair of jeans or your favorite Bruce Springsteen shirt from 1981’s The River tour.

Plenty of people just like you struggle to decide whether they should hold onto that 32-year-old freeloading son that’s been taking up valuable space in the basement, or if they finally should just throw it out and move on.

Many families like to keep their worthless offspring long after they’ve lost any semblance of worth, in the hopes that they might accrue value over time. Some even hope to one day sell them at a tag sale. Unfortunately, most of these families end up being disappointed.

“I had a freeloading loser of a son living in my house for almost 30 years. I kept telling myself that one day I’d be able to use it for something worthwhile,” recalled homeowner Carolyn Adams. “But as it turns out, it just sat there for years gathering dust. It never once left my basement.”

If you’re a homeowner looking to donate or dump some trash taking up space in your house, consider ditching that useless heir and making way for something more valuable.

After all, if it was ever going to be worth something it probably would have had a job by now, right?