Is Your Boyfriend A Werewolf Or Is He An Actual Wolf Who Also Happens To Be A Successful Cardiologist?

werewolf boyfriend

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your boyfriend will mysteriously howl at the moon at the stroke of midnight, whether the moon is full or not? Or why his insatiable lust for blood will often lead him on killing sprees through the streets of London at unpredictable times?

Well, don’t worry. A lot of women just like you have thought they were dating a werewolf, only to find out they were dating an actual wolf who also happened to have a successful career as a cardiologist.

I know what you’re thinking: how could this respected member of the medical community whom I have dated for over nine months be a wild grey wolf? Has he been lying to me all along? Am I a fool? He went to Stanford for Pete’s sake!

Too many times I’ve seen honest women fall for men they thought would transform into a merciless beast and go on a feral hunger-fueled rampage at most once a month. And too many times I’ve seen the rifts this misunderstanding can cause in a relationship.

I hate to say it, but if your significant other comes home from work every night covered in gore from a fresh kill and goes straight to sleep in the lair he dug out under the porch, chances are he’s not a werewolf at all, he’s an actual wolf.

The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the end of your relationship. Plenty of people have had long and healthy relationships with wild pack-hunters just like yours. The important thing is to have clear, honest conversations about his lifestyle.

If he is not willing to compromise by stopping to mark territory around your house and lunging at the exposed throats of your friends, it might be time to break it off. But often times, setting boundaries and having candid discussions about what is and is not acceptable can lead to a fulfilling relationship with your wolf boyfriend.