Nation’s Fraternity Brothers Complete Annual Migration to Daytona Beach

daytona beach spring break

Heralding a close to the Spring Break season, thousands of fraternity brothers completed their annual migration to Daytona Beach this week, scientists say.

According to biologist Tim Marsh, conditions on the Florida coast are ideal for supporting the species’ unique mating rituals.

“Frat bros need the perfect combination of cheap booze, drunk chicks, and good tunes in order to mate,” said Marsh. “Daytona is one of the few locations that still provides these in abundance. Cancún and Panama City Beach are also prime nesting locations.”

Marsh warned that although the bros are now returning to college campuses across the country, bro enthusiasts should not approach them until after finals. After the arduous migration, he says, many of them can experience hangovers for weeks on end.

While frat bros may be dangerous to approach, Marsh says late Spring is a lovely time to observe them from a distance.

“It’s beautiful to watch them molt their pastel polos and boat shoes and grow tank tops and sandals,” he added. “If you do happen to encounter one in the wild, ensure you make an offering of Natty Light to avoid any hostilities.”