If 16-year-olds Are Allowed to Vote for President, Then I Should Be Allowed to Vote for Prom Queen

16 year old vote

by Phil Howard

I usually don’t get involved in politics. They’re too partisan and uppity for a simple middle class American like myself. But when I heard that Democrats introduced a bill to lower the legal voting age to 16, I knew I had to speak up.

The ground truth is it’s not fair — if 16-year-olds get to vote for the President of the United States, then why can’t a law abiding 47-year-old divorcée like me vote for Prom Queen at Summerville High (Go Tigers!)?

Does my opinion on who is the most popular teen in the junior and senior classes mean nothing?

This is ageism, through and through. I spend months each prom season meticulously evaluating who has the nicest hair, who sits at the cool table at lunch, and who would be a perfect match for Ricky Thomas (who is obviously a shoo-in for Prom King). Yet my opinion counts for nothing when the corrupt Student Council tallies the votes.

The repercussions of limiting the voting age to current high school students extend to other areas as well. Just take the disaster that was the 2014 superlatives. Tommy Goggins — yes, that Tommy Goggins — won best smile! Tommy Goggins! Jeff Holsworth’s smile is clearly nicer. Any mature voter could have seen that. Had other middle-aged citizens been allowed to vote, I’m positive the outcome would have been different.

Clearly, the Democrats haven’t thought through this measure. Important issues are at stake each Spring, and every citizen in Summerville, Wisconsin should be given a say in who gets to don the crown.