6 Signs You Might Be One of These 6 Signs

6 Signs You Might Be One of These 6 Signs

Do you often find yourself standing on a street corner for years on end, directing vehicular or pedestrian traffic where to go? Do you sometimes get the inkling that you are an inanimate sheet of aluminum anchored into the ground or onto a signpost for the public benefit?

You may be surprised to hear that many other people have had the exact same worries as you.

Luckily, we are here to help guide you through your journey. Here are six signs that you might be one of these six signs.

1.) You keep telling people to “stop” at intersections.

Do you find yourself telling vehicles to “stop” at intersections in the interest of traffic safety? Chances are you’re a stop sign.

Stop signs are typically bright red and octagonal with white font. These are some of the most common signs in the world, and are used to notify drivers that they must come to a complete stop before proceeding.

If this sounds like you, congrats! You’re a stop sign!

2.) Nobody listens to you.

Are you displayed brightly next to traffic lights, warning people of the dangers of turning right at a red light, yet everybody seems to turn right anyways?

Fear not, this happens to “no turn on red” signs like you all the time! It’s important to remember that all signs play a vital public service. So even if people don’t want to listen to you, hold your head high, because your job matters!

3.) You’re an animal lover.

Some signs just like to be around animals more than people. Whether in the mountains of Vermont or the backroads of Montana, these signs will be out there day and night, warning drivers to be on the lookout for deer. To you, nothing matters more than keeping God’s creatures safe.

If that sounds like you, well done! You’re a deer crossing┬ásign.

4.) You like to get wet.

We all know that most indoor signs chose their profession because they prefer to stay dry. But you buck that trend. You’re an indoor sign who likes to get his or her hands dirty, and you aren’t afraid of a little water.

If that sounds like you, and you often find yourself moved around between the school cafeteria, the gym, and the bathroom, chances are you’re a janitor’s wet floor sign.

5.) You hail Satan.

Everyone has a bit of a devilish side, but you take that to the extreme. If you find yourself drawn in the blood of sacrificial victims as a clergy of Satanists chant praises to the demon, chances are you’re an inverted Pentagram, a sign of the Church of Satan.

6.) Nobody understands you.

Do you allow 2 hour parking on one side of the street from 7am to 9pm on Tuesday to Saturday, with the exception of every second Wednesday due to street sweeping? Do you require paid parking on Sunday and Monday from 8am to midnight but also might subject vehicles to towing because you are a loading zone and/or a bus stop?

We know it’s tough when nobody understands you, but plenty of parking signs just like you get out there every day except holidays and the third Sunday of October to enforce the law.