Study: Workers Can Reduce Stress 70% by Becoming Carefree Surf Instructor in Maui

Study: Most Workers Can Reduce Stress by Becoming Carefree Surf Instructor in Maui

A new study by Harvard Business School has shown that American employees can reduce their workplace stress by up to 70% simply by becoming a freewheeling, laid-back young surf instructor in Maui.

“In a survey of over 2,000 American workers, those who freed themselves entirely from their current employer and moved to Maui to live out their days riding waves and hanging out on the beach were more than twice as likely to be stress-free at work,” said researcher Dr. Richard Daniel. “Further, we found that unfettering oneself completely from life’s responsibilities prior to moving to a tropical beach paradise could more than double job satisfaction.”

While the study only examined the impacts of quitting one’s job and moving to Hawaii to soak up the sun for the remainder of one’s days, researchers believe packing it all in and moving to an idyllic location such as Costa Rica or the Canary Islands to retire in sweet tranquility may have similar effects on stress levels.

“Further studies are still in development, but we believe lounging out in perfect weather all day with no schedule and no boss to answer to may have stress-reducing effects if one were to live in other blissful utopias as well,” added Daniel. “But we won’t know until we’ve done more analysis.”