Bernie Sanders Fundraising Dinner Nets $3.50 and Half Bag of Weed

bernie sanders fundraising

Just hours after announcing his campaign to run for president in 2020, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday hosted a fundraising dinner which raised nearly $3.50 and half a bag of weed.

“This is a remarkable example of what can happen when working class Americans pool their resources to invest in something they believe in,” said Sanders during the event. “The two 7-Eleven taquitos and mild high that I can get with these donations will surely start this campaign off on the right foot.”

Supporters are worried that Sanders’ grassroots activism and popularity among young and low income voters will not be able to compete with bigger and better funded candidates. But his first fundraising event for the 2020 race nearly doubled the amount of funds raised in 2016’s inaugural fundraiser, which netted a used Hacky sack and a half-eaten Quiznos sub.

“It was Baja Chicken,” recounted Sanders. “Quite delicious.”