Contest Of A Lifetime Maybe: The Patriots Are Offering One Lucky Fan The Chance To Meet Tom Brady But It Has To Be While He’s In The Shower

tom brady shower playoffs

Playoff season is here, and if you’re a die hard football fan like we are then you like nothing more than to see the league’s best go at it on the gridiron. That’s why this year we’re possibly excited about what may or may not be the contest of a lifetime: the New England Patriots are offering one lucky fan the chance to meet quarterback Tom Brady but it has to happen while he’s in the shower.

This might be cool but we’re not really sure. I guess it depends on who wins.

Rest assured there will be thousands of New Englanders who will want to meet their favorite player, but we can also see where many of them might be totally creeped out by the thought of having to converse with a disrobed Tom Brady while he shampoos his hair.

“Tom is a very busy guy, especially during playoff season. So while he adores each and every one of his fans, there was really no other time we could line this up except while he’s in the shower,” said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. “Past efforts to have fans meet defensive tackle Vince Wilfork in the sauna were at least modestly successful, so we figured we’d try something similar again.”

So if you love the Patriots and aren’t afraid to meet a soapy, naked Tom Brady in the shower, now’s your chance!