Controversial ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Has Thousands of People Showing Up at John Malkovich’s House Moments After Their Sister Was Run Over by a Dump Truck

bird box challenge

Netflix’s hit horror movie “Bird Box” is taking the country by storm, but its insane popularity has inspired a dangerous trend — fans are now attempting to reenact the movie in real life by showing up at John Malkovich’s house just moments after their sister entered a suicidal trance and stepped in front of a speeding dump truck.


Netflix has warned fans that taking part in the “Bird Box Challenge” can lead to hospitalization and to John Malkovich being very upset.

“While we appreciate all the love that our fans have for ‘Bird Box,’ please do not try to replicate any scenes from the movie at home,” read a statement from Netflix. “John Malkovich has made it very clear that he can entertain six, or at most seven, guests at a time, so please stop showing up at his house unannounced.”

In certain versions of the challenge, some people have even gone so far as to live in John Malkovich’s house for months on end, searching for food in a deserted supermarket and giving birth to a child in his guest bedroom.

“I like scavenging for life’s necessities in a post-apocalyptic wasteland as much as anyone, but I can’t be doing it day in and day out with every single person who shows up in my front yard and gets my wife killed,” said Malkovich. “So please, if you’re going to do the Bird Box Challenge, at least call me first.”