Scientists Predict Predictions to Be Obsolete By 1997

Scientists Predict Predictions to Be Obsolete By 1997

A comprehensive report from the National Academy of the Sciences published this week predicts that all predictions will be obsolete by the year 1997.

The paper, which was researched over the course of decades by an interdisciplinary team of academics, used big data and complex analytics to predict that the last accurate prediction may have been made over twenty years ago.

“We estimate that our growing inability to predict future events could lead to catastrophic economic and environmental damage on a global scale,” said Hope Martinez, a futurologist and co-author of the report. “If our data are correct, we forecast that our ability to accurately predict even the minutest of outcomes will approach zero sometime around the turn of the century.”

The team analyzed various unpredictability models in an effort to determine just how accurately a current prediction would be able to predict future occurrences of various phenomena.

“This is really a wake up call for the American people,” said Martinez. “Usually, we would anticipate that this will have damaging effects felt round the world, but now there’s just no way to predict that.”