Dallas Cowboys Sign Kareem Hunt As Placekicker

Dallas Cowboys Sign Kareem Hunt As Placekicker

Following running back Kareem Hunt’s release from the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday after a video of him shoving and kicking a woman surfaced, the Dallas Cowboys announced they had signed Hunt to a one-year deal as a placekicker.

“We all know Kareem can run, but when I saw that video I was totally blown away by his kicking ability,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “He had two or three defenders right in his face, and he still landed that kick right on the money with perfect technique. Not many players can perform under that kind of pressure.”

The Cowboys are coming off an upset win over the Saints on Thursday, and Jones thinks Hunt’s aggression will give the team the extra kick they need to defeat the Eagles next Sunday.

“We’re lucky that the Chiefs gave him the boot when they did, because we were really looking for someone to come in and kick our special teams into full gear,” said Jones. “With the playoffs afoot, I think Kareem will be just the man we need to deal Philadelphia a knockout blow.”

Poet of Sport contributed reporting.