Canada Announces National Holiday to “Just, Like, Chill and Shit”

Canada Announces National Holiday to "Just, Like, Chill and Shit"

OTTAWA — Hours after marijuana was legalized in Canada on Wednesday, the Canadian Parliament declared October 17 a national holiday for all citizens to “just, like, chill and shit.”

In a smoke-filled room on Parliament Hill the bill was passed in the Senate by a vote of 101-0, with four abstaining due to their being on a McDonald’s run.

“Hey, did any of you guys see this new Youtube video on aliens?” asked Senator Robert Black, who earlier proposed adding a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to the bill. “Lawmaking is so fun.”

Parliament said they had planned to pass the bill earlier in the morning but they had all “just kinda passed out on the couch watching Moana.”

“I never realized how comfy these chairs are,” said Senate Speaker George Furey, awkwardly sitting in the corner of the room smiling. “So comfy.”

He added, to a chorus of muffled “yeahs” and giggles from the other Senators, “I think that’s what we need next. More comfy chairs.”