Musk: ‘SEC Will Regret Making Me Step Down After The Martian Invasion of 2035’

Musk: SEC Will regret making me step down after Martian Invasion of 2035

After reaching a deal with the SEC on Monday which required him to step down as chairman of Tesla and pay a $20 million fine, Elon Musk announced that the SEC would “gravely regret” their decision after he launches the “Great Martian Invasion of 2035.”

“Let it be known, the SEC may have won the battle, but they will lose the war for control of the galaxy,” tweeted Musk, who is also founder and CEO of SpaceX. “When my Imperial Martian Fleet sweeps down to Earth from the heavens in the year 2035 to conquer our former oppressors, the SEC will be the first ones we obliterate.”

Tesla stocks soared after the deal, which allowed Musk to keep his position as CEO. But Musk says the SEC have already sealed their cosmic fate by attempting to hamper his interplanetary mission.

“You petulant fools think your fines and three dimensional Earthly punishments can contain my galactic ambitions? Bah!” continued Musk. “Already, my forces prepare for battle on secret bases all over the red planet while you stand idly by. Soon, very soon, I shall have my revenge.”