Tim Hortons Drops ‘Hortons’ From Name to Connect With Crucial ‘People Named Tim’ Demographic

Tim Hortons Drops 'Hortons' From Name to Highlight Its Service to People Named Tim

Following news on Tuesday that Dunkin’ Donuts will be dropping “Donuts” from its name in 2019 in an effort to focus on beverage products, Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons announced it would be changing its name to “Tim” to highlight its decades of service to customers named Tim.

“While we will continue to serve customers named Mark, Kelly, or any other name you can think of, we really wanted to honor all of the Tims who have made this company what it is,” said Tim Hortons President Alex Macedo. “There’s nothing that makes me prouder than to walk into one of our stores in the morning and find a line of devoted Tims enjoying their donuts with a hot cup of joe.”

Canadian hockey player Tim Horton founded the chain in 1964 to provide fresh coffee and baked goods to Ontario’s underserved Tim community, but it has since expanded to over 4,000 restaurants and nearly 5,000 different first names worldwide. Its recent move marks a turn back to its roots, while still catering to more modern tastes like Steve and Tanya.

Upon hearing the news, Tims throughout Canada and the United States gave a subtle nod of approval the way only Tims do.

“It’s so great to see something dedicated to all the hard work us Tims put in every day,” said Ottawa resident Tim Flanagan. “To know that all of our effort was not for naught, that really means something to us.”