What a Fraud: Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Believe It’s Not Butter

What a Fraud: Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Believe It's Not Butter

Just when you think hypocrisy in America can’t sink any lower, somebody goes and pulls a stunt like this — mere days after starring in a Nike ad calling on Americans to “Believe in Something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” Colin Kaepernick announced he refuses to believe it’s not butter.

What a fraud!

How is this so-called pioneer supposed to inspire people to stand up for what they believe in when he himself is unable to believe his own taste buds?

It says it right on the label Colin! It’s margarine!

“I’m usually all about standing up for your beliefs, but in this case I vehemently refuse to believe that this delicious spread has forty percent fewer calories than butter and zero grams of trans fat,” said Kaepernick. “By all means, believe in yourself and stand up for what is right or whatever, but if you believe this is butter than you are an imbecile.”

Come on, Colin, we all know you can fluff your eggs with it or spread it on a bagel just like you can with the real stuff, but that doesn’t mean that it’s butter.

“For years, under pressure from my peers, I couldn’t believe it was not butter either, but Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad inspired me to start to believing,” said one man. “After hearing that Colin refuses to believe it’s not butter, I no longer know who to turn to for inspiration.”

Disgraceful. Colin Kaepernick sacrificed everything to protest racial injustice, but now he won’t even sacrifice his opinion on cholesterol-free spreads.