Worldly Alcoholic Says Blacking Out ‘Better in Ireland’

Worldly Alcoholic Says Blacking Out 'Better in Ireland'

During a conversation at the local pub last night, worldly alcoholic Conor Meegan claimed that in his extensive travels to the far corners of the Earth to imbibe in drink, the experience of blacking out was “far and away better in Ireland.”

“I’ve blacked out on six continents, and let me tell you, there’s nowhere better to do it than Ireland,” said Meegan, adding that getting so rip-roaringly drunk that he can’t remember anything the next day in the United States pales in comparison to doing so in Ireland. “There must be something in the water.”

Meegan noted that while binge drinking until he could hardly stand is also quite enjoyable in Thailand and Russia, puking in the bar and passing out on a park bench is more of a sure bet in “the old country.”

“Washing down a bottle of Jameson with a dozen Guinness’s and crapping your pants in a taxi is just so much more unique and genuine when you do it in Dublin or Galway,” he added. “And the hangovers are superb.”

Friends say they asked Meegan what other recommendations he had for exploring Irish culture based on his considerable knowledge of blacking out in the country.

“Not sure,” he responded. “I don’t remember.”